My First Wedding Photography

29th October 2011, Oradea city, Romania.


Here they are, the beautiful couple Roland & Anita getting ready for their big day. 

 As I fly to Romania, I am thinking , how is this day going to be? As a photographer, it is my passion to take photos, but had so many questions in my head what it will be like to take photos of a wedding? How will I tell the Bride and Groom to pose? What if I miss a shot? How will I get from one place to another?

  Was I nervous? Yes , of course I was. I couldn't miss any moment or take bad pictures, because this gorgeous couple depended on my work. 

 I had to put myself together and be professional. I read articles about wedding photography, watched few videos online for tips and advice, anything that helped me take the best shots and do a great work at wedding photography.

 Once the day had started, it all began. I took as many pictures as I could. When the Bride was ready, I asked her to pose so I could take few shots of her wedding dress.   Roland waited outside for her. He was nervous and happy at the same time, just like most grooms. 

 The wedding day had started. Roland and Anita and I went to the local city castle, it had a park in there and the building was very old so it looked great on pictures. I asked the two lovebirds to love, kiss each-other as if I wasn't there, so they did. 

  At this point even I started to loosen up a bit, my confidence had gotten stronger, and here I was happy on the inside knowing I will be doing this full-time. 


 Once we finished the Bride and Groom photo shoot, we went to the Registry Office with a small group of close family and friends,  luckily we caught a nice autumn weather so I took some photos of the couple and the bridesmaids, groomsmen, family members. 

 In Romania, most weddings are organised in a way where the registry office ceremony and the reception are in one day, this means guests follow the bride and groom by driving from one place to another. 

 After the Ceremony had finished, all of us went to church, where the blessing of the bride and groom took place. After that we all drove to the reception venue at Oradea Baptist Church,it was nicely decorated. 

 I had to make sure I got to each place before anyone else so I could take pictures of the venue and decorations. 

 Little details mattered, the theme was red colour. Roland helped in on folding the napkins a night before, Anita had planned everything. They did a great job!

 There were lots of activities at this wedding, singing, games, slide shows, comedies and lots more. I didn't just take pictures, but had  great time myself, the food was very tasty, everyone respected everyone. They brought the cake in with sparkles, what a fantastic cake presentation that was. It wasn't just yummi, but it looked very fashionable too with roses around it and a small red carpet crease on top of each tier. 

As my very first wedding photography, I was honoured to have taken these photos. It was worth the flight.

Last but not least, yes Roland is my brother, but it didn't make things easier for me , lol. I got to meet new people, make new friends and come back home to England with a lot more experience. 

 It's amazing how much you can learn in one day, right ? 

Enjoy the photos.