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Why Cake Smash ? 1st Birthday Photo Shoot, St. Helens, UK

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Some might ask "What is a Cake Smash?" or even "What's the point of it ?".

Cake smash is a mini photo shoot of your baby turning one. Your child's first birthday is something you should look back at and say ' this was your very first birthday. and 'this was the time when we started celebrating your yearly birthdays'.

How does a cake smash work?

Usually, you book your photographer, who brings props such as a backdrop , balloons , cake ( depending on the package deals ) and set it up either in a park, in your own home or her/his studio. You can dress up your little one in a nice dress, cute little outfit and just enjoy the 40-60 minutes of taking photos of him/her 'smashing the cake'. It's one of the cutest moments you can capture and keep as a memory when he/she just grabs that cake and smears it all over his/her face .

Of course, it doesn't always go to plan, sometimes the baby cries because she/he is tired, teething or it rains, gets dark , but there is always a way to get lovely photos.

When I took these photos, Felicia was beautifully dressed, I set up the backdrop and asked her parents to make her laugh. The first five minutes are the 'crucial' times to take the best pictures. Babies get bored easily, so in the 1st-10 minutes you get the best photos of the baby.

She looked around and noticed new things, like 'who this photographer is?' , new colourful backdrop, balloons, cakes all of these to her were something new. This was a great moment for me to capture her being happy, smiling and wondering.

Don't forget, a 40-60 Minutes photo shoot can be a memory for life. Not all of us like photos, photo books or canvases hanging on the wall, but once you look back and remember the day your child had his/her first Birthday munching on that cake with a big smile on her face, you will be thankful on the inside.

Just ask yourself this question, do you like looking back at your old photos when you were little ? Some of us don't have any photos and some have only a few, but with all this new technology and tech world we live in we take photos almost every single day of our loved ones, right ?

Taking photos nowadays is very easy and can be seen straight away, but when you book a professional photographer the quality is better and service is a greater experience and you get to keep a USB or CD and prints for life.

Celebrating your precious child's most important moments by having professional photos taken is one of the best way to keep a reminder what a great life you all had.

If you missed out on this great opportunity, not to worry, always think of making it up by having just a simple family day out photoshoot like in the park, beach or even in your own home/garden.

the point is to make sure you keep a souvenir of you and your precious ones.

Enjoy the photos .

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