• Brigitte Robertson

Princess Photo Shoot at Fairy Glen, Waterfall, Apple Bridge

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

There are few places here in Merseyside, England worth going to. Shannon had booked me for her second photo shoot since I've known her and we decided to go to Wigan, Apple Bridge, Fairy Glen to take some shots at this beautiful waterfall.

The weather wasn't promising in the morning, it had rained, it was very bad wind we almost cancelled it, but I had faith the sun would come out , so it did and the photo shoot was back on. We quickly met up and drove to the place and walked about 20 minutes in the muddy forest, if you saw us climb and struggle through the wood you would have asked yourself 'where are we going' ? But it was fun and we enjoyed it.

Sometimes when you want to get the nice shots you have to go through the rough places first to see the hidden beauty of nature.

When we finally arrived the scenery was breathtaking , you'd think it was somewhere exotic like New Zealand ( okay maybe not, but still...).

Shannon has this beautiful natural look , green-yellow eyes, smooth skin, gorgeous girl to photograph. She brought two changes of clothing, her mom Karen and her sister came for support.

We started the photo shoot with some portrait photos first and then continued with the full-length ones next to the waterfall. She didn't wear shoes as you can see , so yes, she was cold, but the photos came out perfect, she is such a brave girl.

Enjoy the photos and see some behind the scenes ones at the end .