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Top 5 tips of how to set up your Photography Business

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Here are some tips that helped me with my photography business.

1. Have a goal.

Visualize your goal. What is that you'd like to do or achieve?

What is your main goal? What job would you like to do full-time ?

I , for example, always wanted to be a photographer from the age of 9, I got a Fisher Price camera toy on my 5th Birthday and ever since I pretended to take photos of people, nature etc. When I went to school I used to take photos of my classmates. Whatever I did I always took lots of photos - okay people do that now with their phones, but I used to have the digital camera and set up a background and take photos of my friend - imagining one day this would be my job.

You can make your dream come true and make your goal a full-time job.

Photography wasn't my full-time job all the time, oh no! I used to work as a waitress and on my free time I would borrow a camera of a photographer friend and take photos of another friend. Or when I worked as a bartender I would save up to buy a camera and arrange a photo shoot with a model to get my portfolio.

Spend two-three hours of your free time until it becomes 10-15 hours and eventually full-time.

2. Be consistent.

Okay......eeerrrm this I had trouble with , I'm just starting to get used to it. Consistency wasn't easy for me. Having a routine was one of my weaknesses. As a self-employed photographer I couldn't manage to get up at the same time every day, write blogs, keep up my website, social media daily, but having Makayala now, is a lot easier to get up at the same time every morning. We have a daily routine of having breakfast, going for a walk in the morning, cleaning the house and spending time together. Once all of this are done I have a clear mind to do work.

Setting up an alarm can help to or even getting up earlier than your baby so by the time she is up you could do your meditation/devotion maybe tidying a little.

Consistency is one of my weaknesses I have to keep working on, but getting there.

3. Be active on social media.

Social Media is one of the easiest way to connect with your clients. What I tend to do is, when everyone has gone to bed I am on instagram ,facebook,pinterest or linkedin updating my page and letting others know what I've been doing on the day or that weekend.

Every now and then I search for bridal magazines - not only because wedding dresses are awesome and like looking at them ( don't judge me I'm a girl and yes I like watching romantic wedding films or even 'Say Yes to the Dress ' lol ) - but to get my name out there. I interact with other people, see what they are up to, connect with new companies, hotels, locations. This way I can arrange a photo shoot and collaborate with them.

Spending a specific amount of time online will get your name out and people will look at your website, read about you, see your work, read your blog.

4. Set up a website with updated blog.

Before a bride and groom books you, they will go through your website and see who you are, where are you located, how many reviews you have and of course they will see your blogs.

It's in your favour to keep up your blog so everyone can see what you have been up to. If you don't have time to edit all photos , just post 10 photos and write 100-200 words about your latest work.

Websites are very helpful, especially for those clients who are not on social media. When they google words that has to do with your work like " local photographer " or " wedding photographer near me " your website will come up first. Make sure your SEO is worded in a way where brides can find your website easily.

One of the most important thing on your website is your home page. As soon as they click on your website home page comes up which gives them the first impression about your work.

5. Have decent camera equipment

Having a decent camera and lenses is one of the main keys to be a professional photographer. Some clients ask you if you have studied photography, others might ask what camera you have. Once you invest in a good camera it helps you to get quality photos. When you send all photos to your client in high quality they can see you are serious about your job.

Why not start up your business with high-quality equipment that can last years. Most brides and grooms go through your website to see your wedding portfolio and they can instantly see if they are quality or not, judging your photos they will then compare your price list to your work.

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