• Brigitte Robertson

Mr & Mrs Burroughs - Wedding Day in Bootle, Liverpool, UK

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Tracy and Chris tied knot today in Liverpool , Bootle Town Hall. Every love story is unique, this wedding was special. Tracy looked stunning in her wedding dress, she was so bubbly and happy like a butterfly. Chris was looking smart and a bit nervous too. Once they saw each-other the atmosphere has changed in the room. All eyes were on the bride, ( and the groom of course ) smile on their faces, maybe little happy tears.

It was great to photograph the couple saying their vows in front of their family and friends. The town hall looked posh like in a movie. After the ceremony we took some family photos, couple photo and then we drove to the reception venue where it was nicely decorated. Every decoration was so well organised, the cake , table centerpieces , guest book, ...oh and of course the food looked super yummy.

I grabbed the couple again to take some more photos outside, this time with some added confetti and it was worth it, we got amazing photos. True love has been captured for life.

This beautiful couple was romantic, they were so much in love as if they met yesterday.

One of the sweetest moments I admired, was when Chris handed a little present to Tracy and she looked so surprised. He gave her a real pearl necklace - now that's how you surprise your Bride on her big day - just saying. Tracy was o happy the first thing she did she ran to her mom and sisters to show them. adorable.

Enjoy the photos and Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Burroughs again .