• Brigitte Robertson

Life as a mum and a photographer - 2020, Liverpool, UK - What's it like to be a mother full-time

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Being a mum is not just life changing by itself, but also amazing and challenging in many ways. As a photographer I have worked with a lot of families, children and enjoyed every minute of it whilst learning a lot about children and their behaviour. When it comes to raising your own baby that's a 24/7 job on top of your work. Starting with house chores, paying attention to every move your baby is making, teaching her , making sure you cook healthy meals, but I absolutely love it!

Makayla is 10 months old now - wow can't believe how fast it's gone - I have to be honest, sometimes it's hard to sit down and do office work, especially after a long day, deep down all you want want do do switch on Netflix and chill, but there is always a way. You can work when she is asleep by spending 1 hour on your computer or laptop sorting out e-mails, blogging, editing etc.

When it comes to taking photos I love taking pictures of others and yes I do want our own family photos done as well so we can look back one day and say ' do you remember that day when we....' .

Every now and then I am sneaky and ask my husband Graham to take few shots of me and Makayla maybe on my Birthday or a Sunday when we are all dressed up, so we can have some decent photos for our photo books and photo albums. You'd think we take a lot of photos of us as a family with our cameras but we don't, I usually use my phone on a daily basis.

Not having my studio anymore I mostly work weekends, mainly do events, outdoor photo shoots and weddings. We work out a schedule where we don't need childcare, so when Graham is off I work and he looks after Makayla.

Sometimes I do cake-smash photo shoots at client's homes during the week. We are so blessed to have Makayla, she is such a good girl, sometimes I take her with me, depending on how the situation is.

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Have you heard the expression "Photography is a hobby not a job ?" - some people say this. In one way it's true, because it seems a hobby to just 'click away', but on the other hand it's not , it can be a full-time job. Photography is my passion and hobby of course, so why not make it a part-time or a full-time job. It's more to it than just clicking away. Spending 15-20 hours a week on editing photos, posting them on social media, website, blogging, replying, e-mailing, making invoices, on top of being a full-time can be hard - especially if you have difficult time getting up early like me, ha ha.

Doing something you love is a great feeling and experience, but at the same time it's hard work. It has its ups and downs like all businesses, but I always try to look on the bright side.

Makayla is my motivation. Being active keeps me going: cleaning, cooking, going for walks, going to the gym,swim, taking pictures, editing, sorting out prints, going to the library, baby groups, ringing a family or a friend the list goes on. The more I do the happier I am and the better I feel as a mum and wife. No job is easy, but you have to start somewhere.

I'm far from perfect, still working on having a strict routine. One of my weaknesses is getting up early like 5am-6am. It just seems so difficult to me, I can stay up late like 1am without any problem, but being an early person is something I have to train myself to do. I'm getting there though.

Working with a 10 months old baby is challenging. She is crawling everywhere, she is at the stage where she is curious about everything, she wants to know what mummy does all the time. Right now I probably work about 10-15 hours a week. Not having parents or childcare to help out , my work is pretty much all day every day.

I'm not sure what I would do without my husband. He is helping me out a lot and supporting me. I admit, we have our lazy days, like a Friday or a Saturday we have pyjama days, where we have a takeaway and just enjoy our family time without social media. I call it a 'switch off weekend'. Having Graham is the best ever. He learnt photography so quick now we do weddings together when we can.

Being a mum is rewarding! To have a profitable photography business and be a full-time and wife, it's a non stop work , but it pays off.

Thank you all for supporting my business, messaging me every now and then and giving me positive feedback.

If you need new photos taken, or want to create a memory book feel free to message me and we can arrange it.

Lots of Love


Liverpool, England