• Brigitte Robertson

2nd Birthday Party - Liverpool

On a lovely summer afternoon in July, the day has come to celebrate Amirthi's 2nd Birthday.

Priya, had organised a garden party with close friends and family, which turned out great!

As a photographer, my job is to capture natural shots of the children, family and friends having a laugh. A Shri Lankan Party is something unique I have experienced. Full of colour, laughter, children respecting their parents by behaving well.

The birthday girl was surrounded, loved and hugged by every person present, her smile and character made everyone's day. All eyes were on her.

Photo taking was one of the most important factors at this important party.

Men were in charge of the food in the kitchen, women were having a chat with each-other and the children were running around enjoying the nice weather and the cake of course.

Every little detail such as decorations, cake , clothing was carefully picked and well put together.

I enjoyed this party had a great time and made new friends.

Enjoy the photos.