• Brigitte Robertson

Riley's Cake Smash Photo Shoot- St. Helens, Merseyside , UK

Updated: May 12, 2020

Riley turns one this week. Leanne booked me while back so today was the day of the cake smash, yay - where I think I had more fun than Riley lol. Although it was raining outside and it was 11 degrees Celsius, it turned out good. This cake smash was so well organised.

A special made cake and baby vest , clean house, happy birthday boy.

He is a beautiful , handsome little boy with gorgeous blue eyes. His brother Rory was in the background, super behaved. In fact he even helped me set up the backdrop, so cute.

Using natural light, the photos came out so well, his blue eyes just pop out. I just couldn't stop taking photos.

Riley was so adorable, he smiled a lot , danced and clapped. My favourite part was to capture the look on his face when the cake arrived.

At first he was shocked in a cute way, but then he was so gentle and kind he didn't want to smash the cake bless him. Later on his brother Rory joined to have some of Riley's cake, lol, he shouted from joy.

Mom, you are doing an amazing job with your boys. Keep doing what you're doing. It was a privilege to come and take photos of Riley today.

Enjoy the photos !