• Brigitte Photography

Roland and Anita's Wedding , Oradea, Romania

Today is my first destination wedding in Oradea, Romania. I have to say I'm so happy and nervous at the same time. Flying all the way from Birmingham, England to Romania to shoot my brother's wedding is a big deal for me. Roland ( my brother ) and Anita, look very elegant and beautiful. Love seeing them happy. Quiet a few people have turned up. As we approach the Oradea Registry Office, parents, in-laws, guests and children have their smile on their faces to see the Bride and Groom sign the papers and kiss each-other followed by a celebration.

On this beautiful autumn colourful day we also take few Bride and Groom photos in the park.

It feels like this is also a reunion, when all friends and family gather together to honour this newlywed couple.

About the Bride: I see her getting ready, she looks stunning in her mermaid wedding dress fitting her perfectly. She is a true beauty with her curly dark natural hair and gorgeous blue eyes and golden smile.

Let's not forget the groom, he looks handsome of course in that shiny, silver suit highlighting his green eyes.

The couple are just perfect. We have some time to take some photos at Oradea Fortress , which is a beautiful old castle.

Enjoy the photos and see step-by-step how this beautiful newlywed couple tied their knot.