• Brigitte Photography

A trip to Santa Ponsa, Mallorca, Spain

I just got back from Santa Ponsa ,Mallorca, Spain. Wow, what beautiful weather in March, I could definitely live there. Once I landed and saw the clear blue water and thought to myself this is a perfect place to live, come on holiday or spend a weekend. Even just going for a walk with my camera is so refreshing and calm, palm trees everywhere, houses are colourful, sun is out most of the time. It just puts you in a good mood and makes you happy when you're down.

The sunset was just something magical, sun goes down late about 9.30pm and the sky is orange/blue/green , sitting on a balcony having a drink and watching the sun go down listening to the bird tweets- unforgettable.

Being a photographer to me is not just clicking, but keeping memories for life. Sometimes I'd go to a place and 5-10 years later, I'd forget I was there at all , but when I look back at the photographs I took, it makes me smile and remember the good times I had.

Ignore the quality , just enjoy the photos and imagine you are travelling with me. :-D