• Brigitte Robertson

I'm 2 months old - Baby and Family Photo Shoot St Helens, Merseyside

Every time I have a baby photo shoot or a family shoot, there is something new to discover about a baby. This little cuteness was asleep at the beginning of our session, he slept so peacefully we didn't want to wake him up. Until Chloe, his mum, wanted to change his clothes. He opened his beautiful eyes, looked at his parents - okay, yes, have to admit my heart melted at this point - and he smiled. He didn't know what was going on, but definitely enjoyed the flash going off. As soon as he saw the camera he started posing. Can you believe it ? At just 2 months old, he started smiling, posing, as if he knew this was a photo shoot in a studio lol. He made me laugh. Parents were talking to him and he just looked and talked back , he wanted to say something - maybe just to say - mum I am enjoying this, but feeling a bit tired. After one hour of modelling, the little hero gave in. He fell asleep again.

Absolutely enjoyed working with this family.

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