• Brigitte Robertson

Jack - Newborn Baby Photo Shoot St. Helens

First of all I would like to congratulate Joanne and Martyn :) What a beautiful little baby. Their adorable son Jack is so handsome of course. Only 12 days old and we had such a great photo shoot. He was just sleeping all the way through. Not even crying, he did wake up when we changed his clothes and there they were - those beautiful blue eyes.

Parents were so kind and we had a laugh. The little angel was so comfortable in his parents arms , he was resting in peace. Matching couple with a cute baby boy just brings joy to everyone around them. Little Jack enjoyed his sleep in the basket and but the most in his mother's arms.

These three are so calm, quiet , gentle with each-other they project kindness into the air. That toy story yellow woody suit was so precious , it looked lush on Jack - aawww.

This photo shoot took me a lot quicker than expected due to a brilliant little model :D Newborn babies are always a challenge to take photos of, but this little man made everything so much easier - couldn't stop editing photos of him.

I also asked the mom if I could hold him in my arms , you can't just do a shoot and not hold him he is irresistible :P Being a photographer is not just about 'click click' , it's about enjoying the time and capturing the right moments of happiness. Have a look through the photos. Hope you enjoy. xxx