• Brigitte Robertson

Isabelle - Mother Daughter Photo Shoot St Helens,Merseyside

We had an amazing afternoon with this princess. Natasha messaged me one evening for a last minute Mother and Daughter photo shoot. I said to her okay, let's do this. All excited, set up my studio with different lighting, roses, balloons waiting for Isabelle to arrive the next day.

As soon as she stepped into the studio, she lit up the room with her beautiful smile. Her gold, shiny curly hair was stunning, beautiful flowery dress - well done stylish mummy :D - the joy in her crystal blue eyes made my day. The bond between the mother and daughter was indescribable, magical. Loved the sparkle in their eyes. Little Isabelle was so intelligent , attentive to her mom's singing, she was singing along whilst playing with the balloons and popping the bubbles. She laughed out so loud she almost fell lol- bless her -. Absolute cuteness. Love this princess so much ! This was a photo shoot I couldn't forget. The photos came out great and as a photographer I certainly enjoyed taking photos of these two beauties. We were all relaxed enjoyed the games, singing and having fun. Imagine it like a girls day out :p. It was worth setting up the studio with various sets. One of the reasons I like child photography, is because they never let me down , as soon as you play peppa pig for them that's it, you won their happiness :P Ballons, Bubbles, Peppa Pig have made our afternoon :-) Enjoy the photos